Calendar Overview

Calendar for 2020-2021

September 8 First Day of School
October 12 Columbus Day- School Closed
October 29 End Q1 Teacher Work Day, No school
October 30 Teacher Work Day, No school
November 2-3 Parent Teacher Conferences, No school
November 24

November 25-27

Early dismissal, 11:30am

Thanksgiving Break, school closed

December 21-1st Christmas Break, school closed
January 4 School Begins
January 18

January 19

January 20

MLK Day- School Closed

School Closed

Inauguration Day, School Closed

February 15 Presidents’ Day, School Closed
March 29-April 2 Easter Break, School Closed
April 12 Teacher Work Day, No classes
May 31 Memorial Day- School Closed
 June 11 Last Day of School

Before & After Care

Our program includes:

  • Designated homework time
  • After-school snacks and activities
  • Outdoor and indoor recreation
  • Morning drop-off beginning at 6:30 a.m.
  • Afternoon pick-up as late as 6:00 p.m.

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School Hours and Carpool Drop-Off/Pick-Up

School Hours

6:30 a.m. Before-school care begins
7:45 a.m. Student drop-off  begins for students
8:05 a.m. All school start in the Chapel
8:15 a.m. Classes begin
3:10 p.m. After-school care dismissal
3:10 p.m. Lower School dismissal
3:30 p.m. Middle School dismissal
6:00 p.m. After-school care ends

Carpool Drop Off

Students are to be dropped-off and picked-up only at the School’s main entrance. As you face the School building from Lee Avenue, the main entrance is located on the left (south) side of the building except for After-care pickup (see below). Students are to report directly to the gym each morning (unless being dropped off for Before-school care). Parents of younger students may escort their children to the gym during the first week of school; however, after that time those students must walk to the gym unescorted.

  • Students are to be dropped off no later than 8:15 a.m.
  • Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. must report to the school office! Parents must park, walk their child into the building and sign them in as tardy.

Carpool Pick-Up

Each student is assigned a Carpool Pick-Up Number which correlates to the assigned parking spot where you park to wait for the students. The students are organized inside the school building during afternoon carpool in the same numerical order as the car parking spots. This number must be clearly displayed from the rearview mirror of every car in the Pick-Up line. Students who are not picked up during carpool pick-up will be sent to the office then to After-care. You may download the Pick-Up form here. DriversFor the safety of our students and faculty, please do not talk on your cell phone or text while in the pick-up line.


Temporary or Permanent Carpool Changes

Throughout the school year, if it is necessary to make changes to your Pick-Up instructions on a temporary basis, please send in a Temporary Carpool Change Form or signed note to the school office. Parents may call the school with temporary carpool changes BEFORE 2:30 pm. After 2:30 pm, it becomes increasingly difficult to make changes and students will need to be sent to their regular Pick-Up line. Any permanent changes to the Pick-Up instructions require completion of a new Pick-Up Form to be kept on file in the office.

Early Dismissal/Midday Pick-Up

  • Parents are strongly discouraged from removing students from school before the end of the day and may not do so on a regular basis.
  • Parents are asked to notify the school office by 8:30 am if there is an extenuating circumstance, and students must be taken out of school before 2:50 pm.
  • Students who leave before normal dismissal may not leave after 2:50 pm so as not to interfere with carpool.
  • If parents have an extenuating circumstance and must remove students from school early, they are to sign the students out at the reception desk.
  • Parents are to contact the school by phone or email as soon as possible. The office will notify the teacher.
  • Homework may not be available if students are dismissed early.
  • Parents, other than those volunteering until 3:05 pm, are not to stand in the lobby during carpool and personally take students out of the school. No students will