Providence Academy is an independent Christian School dedicated to upholding its mission of “Uncompromising excellence in educating and equipping students with Truth”. We envision a world transformed by our students – future leaders who apply their Christian values to critically think, problem solve, and creatively impact their community. This begins with our faculty and our curriculum. Our faculty is comprised of:

  • A dedicated group of men and women who share a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a deep commitment to educating children in the way of the Lord;
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff all of whom have a college degree and extensive training and experience in the classroom;
  • Many of our faculty have graduate degrees in education;
  • Every teacher is required to participate in professional development and training throughout the year.

Our curriculum is based on the Virginia State Standards. As a private school we have the opportunity to use the Virginia State Standards to guide our scope and sequence and set a foundation from which our teachers strive to do more – more STEM, STEAM, project based learning, collaborative learning, humanities programs, and most importantly, Biblical integration in every classroom, in every subject. Biblical integration is a hallmark of Providence Academy. Our faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge of Scriptures is intentionally integrated into everything we teach. Our desire is for all students to understand and apply a Biblical understanding of Truth in all subjects.