Our Middle School is an environment created for students transitioning into young adults. We use curriculum that prepares students for a rigorous high school education, and provide high school level classes for those ready for the challenge. Teachers are specialists in their respective fields, and experienced in working with students of this age. Small class sizes provide the opportunities for independence and leadership, and ensure that each student grows academically and spiritually. Our students become future leaders in private and public high schools.

What can you expect in Middle School?

  • A rigorous classroom environment
  • A thoroughly Christian atmosphere
  • A warm and inviting attitude
  • Mathematics (Math 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry), Language Arts, Science, History, Bible, Music, Band, Art, Yearbook, Character Development,
  • Spanish, Technology, and Physical Education/Health
  • Annual Retreat, Wallops Island Trip, multiple additional field trips
  • Comprehensive benchmark assessments to monitor student growth
  • Competitive Athletics
  • Implementation of best teaching practices
  • Well-rounded, supported, responsible, capable young adults!

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