Additional Google Services at Providence Academy

Some of the digital resources your child may use this year require parental consent.

In addition to the digital tools that require parental approval shared by your child’s school, there are services provided by Google that also require parental permission. These go beyond the core services provided by Google Workspace for Education and are not covered by the data-sharing agreement Providence Academy has with Google.

The additional Google services used at Providence Academy are listed below. Not all services will be used by every student. Each service has been carefully reviewed to ensure that they align with the Providence Academy Learning Model. In addition, Providence Academy has conducted the same review of these services as we do for all products that use student information.

For information about the specific tools that will be used by your child, please contact your child’s teachers. You will be notified if additional tools are added to this list and given the opportunity to opt-in to tools that require parental permission. Additionally, Providence Academy may use digital tools that do not collect, use or share any personal information.

This permission will expire at the end of this school year and can be revoked at any time by contacting the school. If you have questions about any of the digital resources listed below, please contact your child’s school.

This overall Google Privacy Policy applies to all Additional Google Services. Specific Terms of Service for each are included below.